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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  March 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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felt my hand slip from his, and he turned back around and he swam back out and he grabbed me and he pulled me to shore. i do not believe i would have survived without him. >> dan will never admit this, but he truly is the hero of the entire case. he was constantly thinking. he was constantly encouraging. without dan, babner has no face and is not apprehended. without dan, danielle isn't able to swim in the water. dan kept both of them alive. >> it's still tough. i still don't... consider myself a hero in any sense. but i'm glad i was there, and i'm glad that, you know, if me... if, oh... if me being there meant that, you know, she survived, then i'd do it again.
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i'd do it a thousand times. >> when the verdicts came, i remember sitting next to dan, and i was holding on to dan's hand. and he was charged guilty on all counts, you know, on everything he was charged with. i mean, i just remember afterwards, like, this flood of relief just going through me. >> william babner was convicted of two counts of attempted murder, two counts of kidnapping, one count of robbery, three counts of involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, one count of rape. his sentence was 117 and a half to 235 years in a state correctional institution. william babner is the face of evil. next time babner is going to get out of prison, he's going to be in a box. ,,
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couldn't stand it. and over a period of time, i started to pull further and further away. >> transitioning back to being in college was really hard for me. i really struggled with being around strange men that were strangers to me. >> at first, she was a little withdrawn. you know, she was very scared. she didn't want to walk alone at night. she did have a lot of nightmares. and it was... it was upsetting for all of us because we really wanted to help her, and we really... we didn't want her to be scared or sad. but with the circumstances, there really wasn't any other way. that's how she was. >> i... i knew, though, in the back of my mind that there was still a lot i had to do
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personally in order to again feel as though i could, you know, live again. >> four months after babner was convicted, we had "take back the night" on the susquehanna university campus. and what "take back the night" is... is a rally against rape. everybody can attend, and they can get up and speak about their experience with rape or violence. >> and i saw all these brave women, you know, walk up to the microphone and just share, you know, "i'm a rape survivor," and share parts of their story. it was just so inspiring and so empowering that they had a voice, that they were able to share. >> there was about ten minutes of silence. nobody was getting up to speak.
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and dani got up to speak, and we knew that she was going to tell the whole story. and we knew that she was going to share this with everybody. and that was probably the most emotional moment for all of us because you could kind of see the bravery in dani and the growth that she was making and how staunch she was. she just got up there and she told the whole story, and it just really moved everyone, and it really moved all of us. and we were... we were so proud of her. we were really, really proud of her. >> i just... i felt so much power and so much strength. and a part of what i felt he had taken from me, i was able to pull back and say, "you know what? he may have taken, you know, a
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few things, but there's so much that he didn't take, that he couldn't touch." and that is what makes me who i am. >> i think that it took me a lot longer than it should have to get to a more comfortable place in dealing with the incident and talking about it and looking at it from a healthy perspective. i knew that i should be getting therapy, you know, i should be dealing with it. i just really didn't want to. i wanted to try to ignore it and just hope that eventually it went away. in the last eight years, i feel like i've grown up a whole lot. regarding the incident, my perspective is almost entirely changed. danielle and i really reconnected over the past couple of years. we really started our relationship over from where it kind of ended, and we're really close now, and i consider her a
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great friend. >> dan met an amazing woman at college who has been such a great companion for him. she has definitely helped him to get to that next level in his own survival and healing. ( applause ) they got married in 2007. >> i feel like everything's kind of going in the direction that i always wanted it to go. and i'm just really happy for everything that i have right now. >> in spring of junior year, i introduced kevin macguire to dani. and they connected instantly, and dated, fell in love, and he proposed to her just... just a couple of years later. the police chief and the men who rescued dan and dani, including
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the duck hunter, were all guests at the wedding as well. >> dani looks absolutely wonderful. she is just doing great and looking great, and i'm extremely proud of her. >> i'm so happy that i have made it to where i am today with the gratefulness that i have, for my beautiful baby girl and the husband that i have. i don't have to think about what happened to me every day. it doesn't define me any more. i have learned how to make it a part of who i am, but it has made me a better person. >> danielle and i are forever entwined. it's like a connection that no one can ever take away from us. she's always going to be a part
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of my life. >> it's as though, like, our souls are almost connected. he will be a part of my life forever. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh >> the sports editor, laying on the ground in a pool of blood. >> my son was accused of murder by a friend of his. >> she had been having these dreams of being involved in this murder. >> i'm going to be able to prove my son is innocent.
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>> i am beyond impressed with my dad's detective skills. >> we knew the truth would come out. ,,,, captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail:
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target libya. a major display of military might. >> the use of force is not our first choice, and it's not a choice that i make lightly. >> the all-out aerial assault to force moammar khadafy out of power. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. the united states and allies launched a major attack. moammar khadafy is refusing to give up without a fight. >> reporter: the u.s. and britain fired cruz missiles from warships and submarines and the mediterranean sea. >> over 110 tomahawk missiles fired from the u.s. and british submarines struck air defense facilities ashore. >> reporter: the operation dubbed odyssey dawn is part of an international campaign to
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enforce a no-fly zone to stop attacks by libyan leader khadafy against his own people. >> we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy. >> reporter: earlier in the day, french fighter jets held on in the eastern part of the country. the strikes came after an emergency summit of top officials from the u.s., europe, and arab countries attended by secretary of state hillary clinton in paris. khadafy called libyan state tv to say his country will defend itself against what he called crusaders. libyan officials claimed the attacks hit civilians and killed dozens, including children. that couldn't be verified. the no-fly zone was authorized by the united nations thursday and libya said it would comply. since then, as secretary clinton put it khadafy has defied the world and his
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attacks on civilians go on. a plane that may have been conducting air strikes in libya was shot down saturday. the libyan government denied any plane had gone down. before the attacks began, khadafy sent planes, tanks and troops into ben ghazi. this is just the first part of a multiphase operation. tonight, libyan military leaders say 48 people were killed, another 150 hurt in the air attacks. now to japan where crews are working around the clock to avoid a nuclear disaster. firefighters are trying to keep the reactors from overheating. there's also a new worry in japan tonight. radiation in food. the government says it found dangerously high levels of radiation in spin nash and milk at some nearby farms. it's been a dramatic journey home for a howard county college student who
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spent 48 hours in airports. suzanne collins talked to the mother and the student. i'm sure that mother was very glad to have that daughter home, suzanne. >> reporter: you bet. danielle jacobs says she's sorry for the victims, the destruction and the nuclear threat, but she wishes she never had to leave that country. >> reporter: there are welcome home balloons and a cake. mother and daughter are finally reunited. danielle jacobs is a towson student studying since september at tokyo university. she was in class when the earthquake struck. >> we'd had earthquakes before, so it was no big deal. then it just kept going. then it got a lot harder and the floor was shaking with the desks moving back and forth. we grabbed all of our stuff and ran out. >> reporter: danielle got a stackic-filled call to her mother saying earthquake, i'm safe. >> i was crying. i was upset. i called, you know, my brothers and sisters and woke everybody else up with me.
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>> reporter: cynthia jacobs pulled out her map of japan as she watched news reports of the severe damage. she felt some relief but worry grew as time passed. >> she was talking about the after shocks and how the house felt like it was swaying. her host family, when she finally got back to the host family so it was upsetting. >> reporter:: danielle hoped to complete her year and stay on, but there was too much disruption and tokyo international canceled the program. >> they were doing so much to help the nuclear plant. the power was out and sometimes six hours a day. >> reporter: even though she completed the japanese studies, danielle is confused as to whether she'll get credit for current classes have to pay back loans or graduate on time. >> she's home. i'm happy. >> i'm home. it will work out. >> reporter: it was confusing because japanese reports were more serious about that radiation danger than the u.s.
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reports. adam, back to you on tv hill. >> danielle is hoping to return to japan some day to teach english after graduation. a beautiful day in the inner harbor helped raise money for victims in japan. the water taxi is donating 50% of its revenue to the relief efforts and collecting donations on board the boat. the fund-raiser will run through next saturday. as part of the continuing commitment of wjz, you can help the people affected in japan and the pacific tsunami. you can text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 doe nation. you can call 800-red cross. now to baltimore industry where a police officer is recovering after being shot in the neck. the officer tried to stop a bicyclist with a gun on harford road when the gunman started shooting and hitting the officer. other officers shot back and hit the suspect. we're told the officer and suspect are both in critical condition tonight. that shooting with as part of a
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sudden spike in gun violence in the city. a total of nine people were shot in a six-hour span including three people in northwest baltimore. a 21-year-old man was killed in a shooting in this location. we learned today city police put more officers on the street because of the surge in violence. an innocent victim of gun violence was remembered today. 19-year-old denise irvin was laid to rest after she was shot and killed simply walking out of a carry out restaurant. two other men who were shot are not cooperating with police. so far, police have not made any arrests in the case. stunning new information in last week's murder in an upscale yoga store in bethesda. a woman who claims originally she was attacked is now under arrest for murder. >> reporter: brittany killed her co-worker then blamed it on an imaginary rapist. she claimed she was tied up by
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two masked men inside of a bethesda yoga store. she says her co-worker, jayna murray was beaten to death but now the story didn't add up. >> it was a dispute between the two women. we do have witnesses that were in the apple store that heard two females arguing. >> reporter: after murray was beat to death, police believe her co-worker took a men's shoe from inside the store and made fake tracks. then she moved murray's car three blocks away, returned to the store, cut herself and tied herself up to stage an assault. after finding physical and forensic evidence inside the deceased victim's car, miss norwood became a suspect. when police questioned her about that, she originally told investigators the masked men made her move the car but she couldn't explain why she walked right back into the store instead of running for help. tonight, she is being held without bail and the store plans to reopen tomorrow.
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an underaged drinking party with dozens of teenagers at the party. several were ticketed and two people who live at the home are also in trouble now tonight for providing the alcohol. a mother's grief two years after a baltimore county woman is killed in a gruesome drunk driving accident. the judge sentences the driver to only two years behind bars. as gigi barnett explains, the family explains the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> what's the difference between murder and drunken driving? >> reporter: this family believes there is no difference. she lost her daughter nearly two years ago on the george washington parkway in virginia. this week, roberta faced the driver in court as the judge sentenced 23-year-old maria espinosa to a two-year jail term. >> every day, it seems like i'm waking up in a nightmare that really didn't happen, and then
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have i to deal with that it really did happen and try to get through the day. >> reporter: prosecutors proved espinosa was behind the wheel of this suv in the early morning hours of october 13, 2009. she had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit. espinosa lost control of the vehicle, it slammed into a guardrail, split in half and killed ashley on the spot. d.c. united soccer player charlie davies was in the car, too. the trio had just left a washington nightclub. the roberto family asked for the maximum penalty against espinosa but the judge sentenced her to half. >> i believe that the judge, in spite of what others may have said, did not feel that this was typical of her character. >> reporter: the roberta family says no amount of money or punishment can bring their daughter back and ease their pain, but the family plans to seek civil charges against
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espinosa soon. i'm gigi barnett, wjz "eyewitness news." >> the soccer player in the car scored two goals tonight in his first game since the crash. a lot more still to come on wjz "eyewitness news" today including this awful tragedy on the tracks. a horrifying accident on a children's train that killed one child and dozens more children were hurt. >> it made me mad because who's going to get charged with it? the unlikely crime he's accused of committing as he headed home. a wi-fi warning. a sick internet scam. the best way to protect your wi- fi connection. the red cross remembers the shootings in tucson, arizona and shows you how you can save a life. the store require's coming up here on wjz. i'm meteorologist bernadette woods. after a beautiful stretch of weather, we have big changes coming our way. we'll have that forecast coming up after this break.
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it's 49 and clear in central maryland right now with a nice moon out there with the complete first warning forecast coming up. a horrible accident at an amusement park leaves a little boy dead. the 6-year-old was riding on the park's miniature train in south carolina when it overturned. at least 15 people were rushed
11:27 pm
to the hospital. the crash left the train in pieces. right now, investigators are trying to figure out how it derailed. a teenager plunges to his death during a family vacation in florida. shane mosley took a 6 story fall from a hotel balcony. people in the pool area found his body. detectives are asking for witnesses to come forward. there is a new twist in a day care fire that left four children deadp in the day care owner who fled the country surrendered to authorities in nigeria. according to family members, she is ready to take responsibility. she is charged with manslaughter after allegedly leaving the children home alone when the deadly fire started. a bizarre internet crime leads to a new warning from police. detectives say an oregon man tapped into his neighbor's wireless networks and used them to download child pornography. it's a perfect example of why you should always put a password on your internet connection.
11:28 pm
it leaves parents extremely worried because the suspect lives very close to an elementary school. >> you just turn all of your friends around and let everybody know to keep your eye out, no the to let your children walk alone to school, not to let children go alone to the school even in groups. >> officers say the suspect purchased a special antenna that allowed him to steal connections from people living within a quarter mile radius. a teenager faces charges tonight for riding a horse while under the influence. police stopped 19-year-old omar pazzano as he was riding his horse home in texas. he trashed the back of a patrol car. he said he was angry because police stole his cowboy hat. >> they would take it and put it on and that's what irritated me because he put it on. i said, well, that belongs to my father. he passed away a couple of years ago, and that's what ticked me off.
11:29 pm
>> prosecutors are charging the teen with public intoxication and criminal mischief. his horse was also impounded. it has been ten weeks since congresswoman gabrielle giffords was shot in the head. she survived in part because of emergency first aid provided at the scene. the red cross is now teaching people what to do if a tragic event happens here. >> direct pressure is the best way to stop any kind of bleeding. >> reporter: at the red cross in baltimore it was save a life saturday honoring congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who was shot and critically wounded in tucson, january 8th. >> we're going over compression cpr, bleeding control and managing shock. these things are all important skills that came into play that day. >> reporter: there were classes in cpr and other life-saving techniques and thoughts about what happened in tucson ten weeks ago. >> after that, there was kathy giffords, and i feel obligated
11:30 pm
to go out and practice the skills of life saving if an event like that should happen here in maryland. >> reporter: these vital life- saving skills could mean the difference between life and death. >> i'm actually in the navy, and i will be helping to run some physical tests so it's good knowledge to have in case something happens out there. >> reporter: think about this. the red cross says one out of every four people have been in a situation where someone has experienced cardiac arrest. >> i thought it was important to know what to do in an emergency situation. at least at the very basic level to be able to say i can do something and potentially save a life. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz "eyewitness news." >> it's a good skill. the american red cross hosted free training at more than 100 different locations all across the country today. if you looked outside tonight, you may have noticed the super moon. scientists say the moon is in its closest position in more than 20 years so it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter
11:31 pm
compared to the average full moon. if you missed the moon tonight, the next chance to see a super moon isn't until 2029. we went out in the parking lot tonight to take a glimpse of it. it's really cool. when it's that big, can you see all of the craters nice. >> earlier in the night it was rising so it looked even bigger on the horizon there. >> very cool. today is the last day of winter. did you know that? >> let's get a round of applause for that. >> the last official day of winter because tomorrow starting at 7:21, spring officially arrives. actually, as we head into the next couple of days and first few days of spring, we have a weather pattern change coming our way. the cold front went through early today and warmed us up to 67 degrees for this afternoon's high. the cooler air is still making its way in. so we're down to 49 at this point. that is the low on the day. and here we go once again. these are going to be closer to our highs later on this week. so we're down to 49 in
11:32 pm
baltimore, 44 in hagerstown. still hanging on to 51 in d.c. the winds are still out of the north and cool air is coming our way. we're dropping down to below freezing in a lost cases. tomorrow afternoon, much cooler than it was today. when we got cool air in place, we've got another storm coming our way. the clouds will start to come in later tomorrow. sunshine to start out the day and then we'll see rain follow tomorrow night into monday. with the sun coming our way it is an interesting one. it comes out of the west but it weakens as it moves on top of us and slows down. as that happens, we get strung out. we're just on the border of that chance monday, but you see it is still on top of maryland here. then as this almost stalls out in place of tuesday, it's not an all-day rain but there's still a chance for a couple of showers and clouds. then another storm will come right behind it. this time tuesday night lasting all the way into friday.
11:33 pm
it will stick around for a while with cooler air. not that far off to the north of us and western parts of the state, the second storm this week could have wintry weather mixing in with it because the air that's coming down is a straight shot from the arctic. we're going to turn our highs way down from where they were at 81 degrees yesterday. so out on the water this is what we've got going on. east winds at 5 to 10 knots tomorrow. tonight, we cool it down without 31 degrees. tomorrow we go up to only 52 degrees for the high. the rain won't be until tomorrow night into monday. that's the first round. then that's when ittries to get out of here but the boundary stalls out in the area. with that happening, still the chance for a couple of showers and here comes the next wave of cool air. we're in the 40s for highs wednesday and thursday. by the time we hit friday, the highs may only be in the 30s. adam? >> thanks. check in with tim williams and gigi barnett tomorrow morning on "eyewitness news"
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starting at 8:00 a.m. coming up next in sports tonight, 60 minutes is not enough time with a spot in the sweet 16 on the line. the key plays that kept fans ,,,


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